Why choose solo travel?

Solo travel is good for you because you get to visit new places, meet new people, and explore areas that you wouldn't normally go to.

You also have the option to explore the city you're in on your own.

However, traveling by yourself can also be isolating.

You don't have anyone to hold your hand when you're out at night, or to help you with the language barrier.

You are alone with your thoughts and your stories, and it's the perfect time to work through your issues with yourself.

When I traveled around Southeast Asia last year, it was the first time that I was solely responsible for myself and my actions.

I thought I had my s * * * together, but I was still a dumb kid who didn't know how to look after myself.

I made a lot of stupid decisions, and I learned my lesson.

This solo traveling time is exactly that - a time to work on yourself.

There are many groups and organizations that provide solo travelers with advice and a network of support, but if you're really committed to traveling by yourself, you need to be prepared.

I found a lot of guidance and support on a website called How To Travel The World Solo.

If you want expert solo travel tips, you can find loads of information and examples on How To Travel The World Solo.

I started looking into independent travel groups on Facebook, and found only a few that appealed to me.

I signed up for the Travel Women of Romance group, because I wanted to start seeing other women who were passionate about their solo travels and traveling alone.

Other than my group, I don't have much of a social network, so I thought that my participation in this group would be the perfect way for me to meet like-minded women.

For the past few months, I've met people from all over the world who love solo travel as much as I do.

We've swapped tips and stories, and I've been able to make real, lasting friendships.

When I look back on my own travels, I see that it's the people who I met along the way who made the trip what it was.